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following passion

Throughout my life I’ve had a debate with myself of whether I should follow each of my passions. From swimming, to martial arts, to becoming an actor and then moving to writing, blogging, etc.

‘Follow your passion’ – I used to hear often. I hear it constantly. Even today. But it doesn’t show the whole truth. In fact, if it does, it only reveals a small part of it.

Why Follow Your Passionblogging

The main argument for following your passion for your blog is so you wouldn’t get bored. Fair enough. But the same can be achieved by picking a niche that you are interested in a little bit.

For example, if you haven’t opened a hood of the car once in your life, you probably shouldn’t start a blog in an automotive industry. However, if at the notion of casino games, you are eager to click here for more, that’s enough to start blogging about it. 

blogging as passionPassion is Overrated

Why would you go beyond your passion? For one, it expands the markets you can enter. Think about the odds. There is a million niches to blog about, do you really think that your hobby happens to be the best one.

Don’t forget, you don’t need to be an expert. You can start a garden and a blog simultaneously and simply write about your struggles. 

Here’s the mistake so many bloggers make: they forget they get to choose their voice. Yes, you can be an Expert. But you don’t have to be. You may simply be a Friend – someone who understands the situation. Or the Joker. The Learner. The Experimenter.

The voice you choose will determine the unique perspective of your blog. In many cases, it will be as much important as the niche you blog about. Especially, if your blogging voice aligns with your personality.

You can take it wherever you go. The great thing about your own personality is, you don’t get bored of it.

Here’s the last thing I will say about passion. If you’re lucky, you may catch a golden age which will provide tons of opportunities for your blog to grow. But if not, you’re stranded on a desert island. You can write and wait until someone passes by, but that’s playing with your luck. Which is good for card games, much less appropriate for blogging.


No matter who you are and what you do, you should blog. You don’t need to do it professionally. Any type of writing will improve you as an employee and as a person.

Not just because you will be able to express yourself much better.

The benefits of blogging

  • Your vocabulary will become more colorful
  • You will be better at expressing yourself
  • You will understand yourself better
  • You will learn discipline
  • You will be less afraid of publicity (verbal or written)

Maybe not all at once. But there is huge value in blogging. Even if you simply become a faster writer, that’s already significant.

How to start blogging

You literally can build a free blog in 5 minutes. You don’t need to obsess over brand names, audience, design or anything else. Today is the day you start. Tomorrow is the day to continue.

Jeff Goins, a 7-figure writer and blogger ran his blog for several years with no intention to make money from it. Don’t think about the money. If you want to make money, you are better off by reading this post, playing games and looking to win a jackpot.

Blogs are not money makers. At least not at first. So, that’s what your goal is. Start slow, write a couple of sentences and hit publish. All the answers will come later.

How often should you write?

The more, the better. But also look to net got burned out because you will be much more prone to quitting.

For copywriters

An interesting debate I frequently hear is whether a copywriter needs a website. And, if so, how much effort he or she should put into it.

I know many examples of copywriters whop only use their personal brand website to showcase their previous work.

Others try to build a following after them. Like Lex De Ville or Ash Ambirge. They have portfolio websites that are also meant to grow their personal brands through students.

Today, you don’t need to decide anything. But it is a moment worth thinking about. What kind of a copywriter are you? Do you want to work alone or do you feel better when you are surrounded by hundreds of people who look up to you as a leader?

Myths about copywriting

The benefits of content marketing for business have been said a lot. This is a new branch of Internet marketing for the domestic audience, which has become a digital trend of recent years.

Many studios and agencies understand the nuances of content marketing and successfully use it to promote the business of their customers. However, for a significant part of marketers and businessmen, content marketing is a distant planet on the edge of the solar system, and they try to compensate for its misunderstanding with different speculations.

As a result, in the company of entrepreneurs and marketers, this type of online marketing is spread by myths that should be ruthlessly refuted. For convenience, we divide them into two categories: directly about the content and associated with it.

Radish is sweeter than apricot, or 6 myths about content marketing

Content marketing is a pill against all kinds of “marketing” pain

Content marketing can be the main, but not the only promotion tool. He is able to solve most marketing problems, but only if he practices it with other methods: SMM, SEO, improving website usability, paid advertising and other techniques. Alone, he is like a pretty drunk man who is trying to overcome the doorway.

Content-marketing hides only the placement of useful articles

“Thank you for the information, but I will buy the product elsewhere,” potential customers think with this simple philosophy visiting the site. You can give tons of current information, but they will not buy from you, but from competitors. Therefore, content marketing involves the publication of materials that represent the company as an expert in its business and encourage the visitor to buy exactly on this site. Articles on your resource need to be promoted through a variety of media channels.

Content marketing is more effective than SMM

Comparing these concepts is like comparing the free spins offer with the hippopotamus. SMM is not a different field of marketing but a part of content marketing, so it’s completely pointless to do it.

The effectiveness of content marketing is measured by the growth in sales

In fact, the indicator of the effectiveness of this type of marketing is customer loyalty: the better your content strategy works, the more confidence in Central Asia you will win. Content marketing can be described as working with a cold audience. The trust of potential customers will help increase your sales in the future.

Content marketing is the placement of articles that relate to business only

Judging by this false assertion, content marketing is one great advertising brochure. The content, which deals only with the services and products of the customer, is of little interest to readers. They like to read something that has to do with them directly. Publish interesting stories related to your proposal. Look for potential audience problems that your product can solve and provide this information to users.

Content marketing is only necessary for online business

Then why does Coca-Cola, Staropramen, Apple and other successful brands apply it? Because TV and radio no longer play such a role for society, as they did 10 years ago. Now, young people and middle-aged people are involved in online entertainment: social networks, popular blogs and other information channels. The logic of content marketing is to place the desired content in the right place (not only on the company’s website).


Myths related to content marketing

  1. The brand must be ubiquitous. Imagine a poor user, whom the post “How to quickly clean the toilet from the plaque” persecutes in all areas. The presence of “everywhere” looks obtrusive and can harm the brand. Therefore, use only those channels that interest your CA.
  2. It’s important to advertise yourself in every post. Texts in the style of “Woolen clothes can not be dried in an upright position, and our store offers you stylish blouses and sweaters” annoy readers. They have a feeling that they are obliged to buy this product. Of course, you have to advertise yourself, but only moderately and unobtrusively. The best advertising will be information that does not occur on the Internet.
  3. You need to select one criterion to test the effectiveness of content marketing and follow it. At the root of the wrong statement. The effectiveness of content marketing should be tracked using several metrics:
  • community activity;
  • volume of traffic;
  • number of reposts;
  • sources of leads;
  • brand recognition;
  • subscription statistics;
  • satisfaction (how much your information corresponds to the desires of customers);
  • sales growth (not mandatory).
  1. For promotion, it is enough to follow the publications of competitors and “lend” the topics of their articles. It is acceptable if you take ideas for publications from other sites, but come up with completely different content. Unreasonable rewriting or copying of other people’s materials will not increase your credibility and will not increase the conversion. To win a consumer trust, you will need unique ideas for content. You do not want to get lost on the background of rivals?
  2. Email-marketing went to well-deserved rest. In fact, only the obsolete part of email marketing is no longer working – annoying and ill-conceived letters. According to a new study by the consulting company McKinsey, e-mail is much more effective for acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps in Ukrainian reality it is inferior to social networks in this parameter, but still remains one of the effective means for communication with a potential audience.

Myths about content marketing harm business owners. Because of them, they can set goals that content marketing cannot solve, or vice versa, underestimate the entire power of promotion with textual materials.


Greetings, dear readers! In this article I will tell you about what is copywriting and work as a copywriter.

So that you understand the meaning of the whole article, I will explain some basic concepts.

Rewriting is, roughly speaking, rewriting someone else’s text in your own words. The meaning of all text is preserved. Do you remember how you wrote about the school? So, it’s almost the same, only you can spy :).


Copywriting – it is unique author’s content, not copied from anywhere.

Under the word unique, I mean not a technical uniqueness, which is checked with the help of special programs, but semantic. To make it clearer I will give an example.

You found some article, and then rewrote it so that the meaning remained the same, but the program for checking the uniqueness shows 100%. This is rewriting.

If you created your own unique content, for example, wrote a story or a verse, then this is considered copywriting. Not necessarily poetry, stories or other works of art. It can be some scientific or technical article.

Suppose a scientist has studied something for many years. And then, I wrote a book about this book. This is also considered copyright content – copywriting. In practice, however, it’s enough to properly read the material on a particular topic, so that you can write your work yourself.

We uniquely understood, we go further. Nerd-copywriter

The rating is divided into two more types: web-rating and again copywriting, only now in a different meaning.

Web-writing – writing ordinary texts for websites, blogs or other resources. What do you mean ordinary? These are simple texts that describe something or tell something (for example, this article). Its main task is to convey information.

Copywriting (second meaning) – the creation of advertising or selling texts. Texts like “about us” and “home” also belong here.

Next, I will use such words as copywriting and copywriter., I mean the general sense – the writing of any texts. Great, they sorted out the terms. I hope no one got confused.

What is the work of a copywriter?

I think it’s already clear to everyone. The main task is to write texts. For whom? For customers. Where can I find them? There is already need to show independence.

The two most frequent questions are:

  • Where to find customers?
  • Is there work on the Internet for a beginner copywriter?

First I will answer the second: there is work, but if you have just started working as a copywriter at home, you will rarely find a vacancy without work experience. Why? It’s simple: customers need quality texts, they want to fill their resources with good content in order to get a good result in the future.

Remember, work as a copywriter at home is the same work as, for example, in the office. Experience and professional skills are also important here.

But beginners should not be upset, for them, too, there will be orders, though not expensive, you just have to go through thorns. Here we smoothly approach the first question.

Where to search for customers?

where to search

For beginners, there are text exchanges. There, orders are mostly cheap, which is why it is not worthwhile to stay long on the stock exchanges. But for a start they are the very thing. Working there, you’ll get a hand, collect some kind of portfolio and generally understand “what’s what”.

As for the portfolio, do not worry, it will have to be recompiled anyway, because you will constantly grow, which means that the quality of your texts will increase. I even now read the texts that I wrote 3 months ago, I am amazed at how unprofessional they were, but it does not frighten me, on the contrary, it reminds me once again that I am gradually growing up in this sphere.

Can you write for gambling niche?

One of the trending topics in copywriting recently is online gambling. And there is so much you can do about it. Choose a casino, for example, pay by mobile slots one, and review the games, terms and conditions, rate the casino, compare to other ones or anything else. From that alone you can get half of portfolio for a valuable niche in current web content world.

For more advanced copywriters, there are special freelance exchanges. There are already more expensive orders, but the requirements are completely different. Therefore, on such exchanges, there is nothing to do without a portfolio and a pro-account.

Also, customers can be found not only on stock exchanges, but also independently. However, this is a completely different story. The main thing is clear that the work of a copywriter without work experience is possible, but for a lower fee.

Actually, that’s all for me, if you are interested in working as a copywriter, then I also advise you to read this article: “Work as a copywriter at home.” As 200 articles brought me $ 8,300, “I think in it you’ll be able to pick up some more useful information.

And I say goodbye to that. See you in the new articles about copywriting.


In case you are new-to Joomla! WordPress has come a long way in its growth and not just it’s the most effective resource for blogging, it is getting more like a CMS in itself. It’s also possible to make use of WordPress to create a normal website, also called a static website.


It is the sole software I understand which allows you to design your own personal Joomla theme. Many transactions online are finished with the usage of charge cards, PayPal or automatic bank transfers. Net will be utilized on a big degree and by an enormous number of individuals.

Usually, you’re going to proceed to obtain many needless emails! Blogging can be quite a enjoyable activity, to your household, or even to make some extra cash. If your site will give attention to a bunch of diverse issues, it’s advisable to speak this clearly from the gate.

Before you receive the wrong impression, I would like to clear the air about how I earn money on the internet. One of the most critical ways that you will get started with earning money together with your blog is to use a contact list. Consequently discussing it could have truly helped me at the time.

Blogging Ideas

WordPress will be the ideal solution for small enterprises trying to get their online profile, persons a home based job, along with blogging fans. A website gives you the ability to connect to the general public. It is not about online forex trading.

When you develop your internet site with WordPress, you will be able to grow your site to keep pace along with your business, no matter what size your business grows. Allinall, the Web is just a market as well as a website… your most important website marketing tool. In today’s scenario, Internet has appeared to become one of the strong and powerful choice of supporting a business.

How to Get Started with Blogging?

The initial step to developing a website isn’t creating your website. In the beginning there is only significance of a lovely look, the information is steadily added. After material, a layout could be the most important component of a blog.

It is these kinds of websites that take the spot of usual websites, and they are much easier to optimize together with to keep than conventional websites. Before you get started, observe to that you are considering the niche. Clearly, there’s more to reaching top rankings than finding a lot of links, however it is actually a significant component that can transfer a niche site is standing from your top 20 for the Top-10 to get a specific keyword in major searchengines.

What to Do About Blogging

Nowadays the Net business world isn’t limited by the technically talented and enthusiastic. Blogging has changed into a fairly massive empire. Keep Your Site Safe and Secure You spend a lot of time and resources in your website and you have to know it’s secure and safe.

Thus a blog concept should be best at its navigation options. Normally the most effective solution to calling you’ll be determined by the kind of site you are building. A sloppy website may not be ready to attract many readers, as consumers have a tendency to find desirable and informative sites.


Mimbo is fantastic to mess around with. You will notice that many of these free subjects have a Purchase option.

There are numerous factors that you must consider before you decide on a wordpress collection style. You can modify the concept utilizing the effective admin section to fit your needs and design. Using the ability to create a brand new website very quickly, you will be pleased that you do not have to pay for reduced theme, particularly when you can’t get it to work well with your content.


There’s a sizable selection of themes available on the marketplace because of the opensource concept. The system itself is straightforward to utilize. This WordPress theme is particularly made for performers to allow them build a unique website to display their expertise in a greatest way.

Should you be an artist or photographer buying a profile website style, read on. It depends in your matter and form of document. Though there are many excellent free examples accessible, there are restrictions.

The wordpress software supplies a great number of customization capabilities so that you could create your gallery website in accordance with your demands. WordPress is certainly the best, in regards to customization and sophisticated levels of control. WordPress works together with a database, frequently MySQL, providing you with the necessary storage needed for website articles.

Status on the net is simply as critical as within the real-world’, it is just assessed differently by the search engines, ie by the range and quality of links to your website. As it pertains to the safety and security of the total site, therefore, Joomla requires the cake with its more secure function. Internet is the important aspect of our lives.

It’s therefore important to look at the features, operation and technical components of each web-template inorder to make certain you decide on the proper template to fit your enterprise or personal needs. It’s also referred to as an Aviva design contractor since it is always straightforward and better than all the design contractors. Web templates may be used by anyone or corporation to setup their site by changing all universal information in the web template with their own private, firm and product specific information.

In addition, it comes with superb customer care, which means that even when this can be your first effort at building an artist website, you will be guided every phase of the way. It features collection style solution where you can eliminate the basket selection and simply utilize it being a listing theme. This style helps you develop a product listing site in a professional approach.

What to Expect From WordPress?

With the advancement of WordPress, site developers are in possession of a fantastic tool which allows quick building of sites which are easy to keep. Additionally it provides some characteristics that you will not find on other WordPress designs that will raise your AdSense CTR, and also the general making from your website. It’s an incredibly imaginative concept seeking a clean, elegant and retina prepared responsive website.

Individuals might not necessarily own a website, nevertheless they have undoubtedly learned about both of these sites, consequently, by utilizing these hosting sites, you can attract traffic towards the blogs. Layouts can be found in plenty to select from. WordPress is free to use.

A Secret Weapon for WordPress

It includes the conventional functions a preschool site will need including contact page, photography galleries etc. Within a few minutes, you could have a website up and running! The Bimber concept continues to be intended to mimic the most popular Viral media websites, and allow you to easily begin growing your readers, while also gaining from advertising placements across the site.

While trying to build an income with AdSense it is very important to make sure your website loads quickly. Google Marketing is excellent aswell. This site will be the supreme stop for gadget fans.


Another great approach when you’re writing to sell on line is to take the first person direction. Among the copywriting methods in this issue relates to the fact that, you must continue to keep in mind that the size of the written subject is dependent upon the amount of data you wish to provide your visitors in the target audience. First thing any website needs is to gain traction and awareness.

Online copywriting

Where to Find Online Copywriting

When it comes for your online-business, your site and online sales content is the one and only possiblity to connect directly along with your potential customers and inform them WHY they ought to obtain from you. Since you understand why web copywriting is so very important to advertising your online business, let’s get quite acquainted with it. Your site features differently from the majority of your other marketing materials.

Online Copywriting Secrets

Online copywriting services should give you the related data and goal the particular audience. A professional site copywriting organization may definitely provide the side you should survive in the current competitive world. It’s aimed toward small businesses who offer online.

It really is only great business to engage a professional online copywriter. Online copywriting services offered by professional copywriters like Bishop Authors may change the efficiency of one’s site, company or online business. If you should be getting paid as a freelance copywriter, you are a guide.

Your online copywriter portfolio may obviously incorporate all your products. If you request the information writers of an online copywriting organization to evaluate your guide, be sure to mention specific details. It is due to the fact of the demand collection by Internet marketers for top quality copywriting services.

As a result of extremely difficult competition online, you’ve to get methods on how best to make yourself stand-out from most of the others. There are many of methods for getting to learn your perfect customer, and you will do it even though you are just beginning and do not have your own customer base to pull from. It extended its selection of options for the online community.

Online Copywriting Features

You’re able to checkout online sites which have freelance copywriters who’re bidding on projects. To be effective, web backup has to be concise. Successful SEO copywriting will enhance your website ‘s organic search engine rankings.

Examine free website building and publishing alternatives like Word-Press, Drupal, Joomla and Writer to construct your site fairly cheaply or hire a web-designer to help you design and construct your copywriting website from scratch. It’s easy to read and a great introduction to internet usability also. Together with the help with this minute reward survey, you’ll manage to tackle virtually any Web copywriting job a client can put at you.

Rumors, Lies and Online Copywriting

The most frequent kind of backup is directmail, which will be the sales material most of US access it an everyday schedule within our mailboxes. There are numerous kinds of content you can create. Generally, to ensure that almost any online copywriting to achieve success, it’s to become optimized for at least one keyword.

The Demise of Online Copywriting

It’s definitely the top guide on copywriting, that will educate you just how to become a good copywriter oneself, no hypes, jokes etc. Copywriting is among the most important aspects of successful online marketing. Like a copywriter it is possible to change from web copywriting to the conventional setting and generate dual if you should be fast author.

You ought to consider these 2 copywriting ideas and place them to utilize inside your web business right away. Whether it’s print or online copywriting, make it simple for them to reply. A quality copywriting company provides you with a combination of copywriting and content-marketing.

Online book review writing is becoming immensely popular these days. Your visitors want to know that you get what’s happening in their lives and that you truly care about them. There are many outstanding resources on the market for internet writers and people planning to boost their writing.