How to start blogging. And why?


How to start blogging. And why?

No matter who you are and what you do, you should blog. You don’t need to do it professionally. Any type of writing will improve you as an employee and as a person.

Not just because you will be able to express yourself much better.

The benefits of blogging

  • Your vocabulary will become more colorful
  • You will be better at expressing yourself
  • You will understand yourself better
  • You will learn discipline
  • You will be less afraid of publicity (verbal or written)

Maybe not all at once. But there is huge value in blogging. Even if you simply become a faster writer, that’s already significant.

How to start blogging

You literally can build a free blog in 5 minutes. You don’t need to obsess over brand names, audience, design or anything else. Today is the day you start. Tomorrow is the day to continue.

Jeff Goins, a 7-figure writer and blogger ran his blog for several years with no intention to make money from it. Don’t think about the money. If you want to make money, you are better off by reading this post, playing games and looking to win a jackpot.

Blogs are not money makers. At least not at first. So, that’s what your goal is. Start slow, write a couple of sentences and hit publish. All the answers will come later.

How often should you write?

The more, the better. But also look to net got burned out because you will be much more prone to quitting.

For copywriters

An interesting debate I frequently hear is whether a copywriter needs a website. And, if so, how much effort he or she should put into it.

I know many examples of copywriters whop only use their personal brand website to showcase their previous work.

Others try to build a following after them. Like Lex De Ville or Ash Ambirge. They have portfolio websites that are also meant to grow their personal brands through students.

Today, you don’t need to decide anything. But it is a moment worth thinking about. What kind of a copywriter are you? Do you want to work alone or do you feel better when you are surrounded by hundreds of people who look up to you as a leader?

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